About Papuan Malay

Papuan Malay is a language or dialect used by people who live in Papua, from many different people groups, whether from coastal areas or people from other areas who have been living in coastal Papua.

The origin apua wither according to the history or grandfather and grandmother they said, they begin to learn the language of their time barter / exchange goods with people from the Tidore and Ternate in the Raja Ampat Islands in Papua parts about AD 800-an.Agustus 24, Year 1828.

At the time they made ​​the Dutch fort Fort du Bus in a village in southern Lobo papua.jadi Maluku people were brought in to help make the fort, when they use the Malay language to talk to the people in the village.

Dated February 5, 1885, the Protestant evangelist Ottow and Geissler of Germany arrived in New Mansinam (Manokwari) for the preaching of the gospel Tuhan.ketika depart from Ternate to Mansinam their two carries a 12-year-old boy named Fritz to be jurubahasa.kemudian dated May 23, 1894 Father Le Cocq d'armandville SJ Catholic pengginjilan open post Sekeru, southern Papua.